Disability Discrimination Law

Who are we?

Disability Discrimination Law is a specialist legal service of Canberra Community Law.

Disability Discrimination Law provides free, independent and confidential legal assistance in disability discrimination law for people living in the ACT.

Who can we assist?

  • Anyone who has a disability and has been treated unfavourably because of the disability
  • Anyone who is associated with a person with a disability (such as a carer, friend or family) who has been treated unfairly because of that association
  • Anyone who is a carer, friend or family member of a child or a person with a disability who has been treated unfavourably because of the disability and who requires supported or substituted decision-making

How can we help you?

We can provide you with legal advice on:

  • Whether the law covers your situation
  • Your legal options and what option might work best for you
  • How to best present your case
  • Your chances of success
  • The types of outcomes you may be able to obtain

We may be able to assist you to write your complaint or, in some cases, represent you.

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